Event Information
Utah Predator Callers
This has been canceled due to lack of interest.

t is time for the January 2013 contest. The rules are listed below. The prizes are based upon
having 20 teams sign up. I must have at least 20 teams or it will not be held.
Please send in your
entries as soon as possible so we know how many there will be.
All entries must be received by
January 5, 2013 so that I know we have enough teams. The exact meeting location in Midvale,
Utah will be given when your entry is received. It will be emailed to you.

If I can get enough early entries, I will try to set it up to have the DWR there for those of you that
are going for the bounty. I will take any coyotes that you do not want. Please do not dump any
carcasses where the general public is going to see them. We do not need that kind of attention
and problems.

Both members of the team must be at the team meeting on Friday January 18, 2013 at 6:00 pm,
do not be late. Mouth blocks will be handed out at that time. The final check in will be on
Saturday January 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm.  NO COYOTES WILL BE CHECKED IN AFTER THAT TIME.

Entry fee $50 per team

Per team entry fee
Big dog $15
Little dog $15

You will receive an email after your application is received.

1st - $350

2nd -  $250

3RD - $150

Big Dog - $50 Sportsmans Gift Card

Little Dog -  $50 Sportsmans Gift Card


1.        Only coyotes shot during the contest by the members of the team will count. NO
trapped/snared coyotes. They will be checked for marks.

2.        No combining coyotes from other teams.

3.        Both members of the team must hunt together, no splitting up. You must be within 100
yards of each other.

4.        Mouth blocks must be used with date and time of kill noted on form included with the

5.        All state and local laws must be obeyed. It is your responsibility to know the laws.

6.        No night hunting, limited to daylight hours only. ½ hour before official sunrise to ½ hour
after official sunset.

7.        No using dogs

8.        All coyotes will be temperature checked.

9.        Judges decision is final.

10.      Anyone breaking any rules will be disqualified and not allowed to participate in future
contests. There names will also be given to other contests so that it is known.

11.        Both members of the team must be at the pre hunt meeting. Mouth blocks will be handed
out at that time and the rules read. Everyone will be released at the same time.

12.        Final check in is on Saturday by 6:00 pm. Nobody will be allowed  to check in coyotes
after that time.  NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be an official clock for the time. Make sure you are
synchronized with it at the Friday meeting.

13.        Utah Predator Callers and none of its help are responsible for any injuries, accidents or
acts of God. The entrant assumes all responsibilities

14.        You can hunt any state but are limited to daylight hours regardless of their laws.