Utah Predator Callers
There are a number of diseases that can be spread to those that handle
animals. The card below shows some of them. If you handle animals and
get sick, let the physician know. They usually will not test for these unless
something is said. If not caught in time, some of them can be deadly.

OK to put it here for your use. I have sized it 1.9" high  by 3.0 inches long
so that it can be laminated and be credit card size. Click on the words
below it to open it, from there you can print it. I would recommend having it
laminated so that it dont get destroyed and put it in your wallet. You can
also copy the photo and paste in a word document then resize it.

It was put together by "Redge" on Predator Masters. He has given me
permission to offer it to you .
Physician Alert Card

Small 5.5" H x 8" L -- $10 each

Large 8" H x 12" L -- $20 each

Send payment to
Mark Worden
P.O Box 267
Roy, Utah 84067
I had Orion Game Calls make me up
some open reed hand calls with the
UPC logo on them. The logo is laser
etched in them.

I have them in
Brazilian Cherry
Natural Birch Laminate
Please email before buying to make
sure what you want is available. I have
a limited number of them right now.

They measure 4.5" long from end to
end. He did an outstanding job on

$25 each shipped. Payment by check
or money order to

Mark Worden
P.O Box 267
Roy, Utah 84067